Senior Staff

Contact us: 
[email protected]

Katy Caldwell, Executive Director 
[email protected]

Tina Megdal, M.Ed., Associate Executive Director of Client Services
[email protected]

Judi McNall, Associate Executive Director of Finance 
[email protected]

Marge Adams, Director of Finance 
[email protected]

Sonna Alton, M. Ed., Director of Community Relations
[email protected]

Kate Mahan, LMSW, Director of Body Positive Wellness Center 
[email protected]

Eric Roland, Director of Education 
[email protected]

Brian Bell, Director of Regulatory Affairs 
[email protected]

Tony Poto, Director of Human Resources 
[email protected]

Vanesia Johnson, LMSW, Director of Patient Services
[email protected]

Board of Directors

Marianne Huerter, Board Chair
Matt Soileau, Board Vice-Chair
Peter Moya, Secretary
Bernard Barbour, Treasurer
Laurie Johnson, At-Large Executive 
James Kovach
Bob Lawson 
Tim Martinez
Kathryn McNiel
Sheryl Parrish
Ed Parsley, MD
Claudia Pruitt
Stevie Walters